Monday, January 1, 2024

Mr. Eliezer (Leo) Brown z"l - Announcement

The Bonyhad Jewish Community today lost a highly respected and loved member: Eliezer (Leo) Brown z"l.

The levaya was at the Givat Shaul cemetery, where his grandchildren said hesped with much love, sadness and reverence.

Leo will be missed by the Bonyhad Jewish Community.

On a personal note, he knew my grandparents, my mother and her siblings, was at my parents' wedding in Bonyhad and was in elementary school class with  my mother's youngest sister: Baba as well as with Gyongyi Barany.

Yechi Zichro Baruch,
Larry Pfeffer

Mr. Leo Brown z"l, passed away early this morning. Burial tday at 1 PM in Givat Shaul

Mr. Leo Brown,  passed away early this morning.

The levaya is at 1:00 PM at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Givat Shaul (in the big  parking lot).

He will be buried in Helkat Haperushim.

Shiva at their home Hacongress Hatzioni 5/27 Ramot gimmel above the Mall.Jerusalem.

Yechi Zichro Baruch

Monday, August 7, 2023

The Bonyhad Genizah

 Wow! The "Bonyhad Genizah"!

I looked through this and there are definitely a lot of names that are familiar to me from my work on Mr. Blau's book.
Not all of these pictures had names or names that were readable (at least to me and my sons), but some of the surnames that I was able to make out include: Ullman, Strauss, Strausz, Kohn, Goldring, Beck, Krausz, Warim (ווארום), Kritzler, Kaufman, Kohler, Schwarz, Ferenc, Salamon, Roth, Steiner, Muller, Zeif, Alwesiz, Blum, Fridling, Frohlich, Lajos, Weisz. 
I'm sending this email to as many Bonyhad people as I can, if you know anyone who descends from these families that would be interested in getting seforim that belonged to their ancestors, you can be in touch with Nina Forman <> or her son Dov Forman <>. If you know more Bonyhad people, please forward this message along to them to help spread the word!

Shalom & Kol Tuv,

Reuven Chaim Klein

Beitar Illit, Israel

Author of: God versus Gods Lashon HaKodesh

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On Mon, Aug 7, 2023 at 8:09 PM Julian Weider <> wrote:
Dear Larry

The gentleman in Bonyhad who returned the Chumash to my daughter and grandson has written to say he has 50 or more seforim with names. He and his wife were so moved by the film of Lily receiving the book that they now want to make effort to reunite the seforim with any surviving families who may recognise family names.

I am attaching a link with photos of some of the collection:

Please liaise with Nina/Dov regarding any of your group/contacts wanting to take this forward. Nina and Dov are both copied into this mail.

Kind regards


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Tuesday, August 1, 2023



Was just advised by Chava Rivka Giavarini (Illes Eva) that today August 1 all but one dog was removed to a newly built local animal shelter from the Bonyhad Orthodox Cemetery - as far as known by the municipality.

This would not have happened without the concerned, humane and brave help of Chavi's brother Zsolt Illes who lives in Bonyhad and Jozsef Nagy: the old cemetery caretaker.

Zsolt was bitten on his hand.
It is hoped that there are no health issues.
He is a builder and constructed the current fence, which isolated the dogs from visitors.

In a few conversations he impressed me as a very decent, responsible and good person.

I called him to express deep appreciation in my name and the name of the Bonyhad Jewish Community and to wish him Refuah Shlema.

Larry Pfeffer

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Rabbi Solomon Schoenfeld (UK): one of the few great Jewish Wallenbergs during the Shoah


One of the speakers at this year's Bonyhad Azkara in Jerusalem was Prof. Binyamin (Robert) Englman, originally from Budapest. In a brief conversation I learned that he found refuge from the murderers in the now legendary Glass House (Uveghaz) in Budapest at Vadasz street 29, near the Parliament. My dear father was also there for a while as was Mr. Blau and Mr. Herman. Once I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Moshe Shkedi (Mandel) who was also there while very young. He and his brother studied at the Bonyhad yeshiva. His brother died  in Bonyhad tragically at night from fumes hen a chimney got stuck or collapsed. Moshe Shkedi's  son Eliezer Shkedi was Commander of the Air Force. About 3,000 Jews found refuge in the Glass House and the neighboring building. The  bulding was under protection of Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz. Until a few years ago Yad Vashenm had a tiny (about 15 x 15 cm) sign at floor level abut Lutz tating he saved or protected about 50,000 of us. That sign was removed which is worse than deplorable and credit was transfered to Moshe Krausz to be a "Zionist achievement."

I learned that Prof. Englman was teaching physics at a London university and asked if he knew ther Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld: one of the few great Jewish Wallenbergs who did so much for us Jews during the Shoah. Turns out they were relatives.

Attached is a brief extract from a Jerusalem Working Group (now inactive) report: The Rescuers. It features one page summaries anout the most important Jews who did so much to save and protect us during the Shoah. Rabbi Schonfeld's profile is on page 17.

Larry Pfeffer

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Videos from the recent Bonyhad Azkara in Jerusalem


Rabbi Zelig Horowitz did an excellent job organizing and leading the gathering.

In the future he should be contacted about ideas for future Azkaro - suggested speakers, content.

Jossi Klein plans to help with future gatherings.
This is a very good team!

The Azkara videos are on website: