Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Visit with Magda Neni

This was written by Elana Kravitz (nee Zwick), Gyongyi Barany's very nice granddaughter. It is about her family's visit with Magda Klein-Rosenbaum (from Bátaszék and Bonyhád) few years ago written in very nice and sensitive style.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Biographical sketch of Rabbi Avraham Yonasan Leib Kritzler of Bonyhad

Videos from Bonyhad Hazkarah 5777 (2017) in Jerusalem on YouTube

Bonyhad 5777 (2017) Hazkarah in Jerusalem: Those at the Hazkarah
Bonyhad 5777 (2017) Hazkarah in Jerusalem 2017: Zelig Horowitz

Bonyhad 5777 (2017) Shoah Hazkarah in Jerusalem: Rabbi Zecharia Pollak from Switzerland

Bonyhad 5777 (2017) Shoah Hazkarah in Jerusalem: Rabbi Neuman (1  of 2)

Bonyhad 5777 (2017) Shoah Hazkarah in Jerusalem: Rabbi Neuman (2 of 2)

Bonyhad 5777 (2017)  Hazkarah in Jerusalem 2017: Rabbi Pesach Singer

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fwd: For your Bonyhad Web site

Kesivah VeChasimah Tovah,

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From: Larry Pfeffer <>
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Subject: For your Bonyhad Web site
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Shalom Reuven,
Just received these links to

1. photos of the Bonyhad Shoah Memorial

2. gathering in the old Neologue synagogue

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Earlier sent this:

Found the following two part video of the 2014 Bonyhad event (Holocaust memorial unveiling, exhibit and event in the old synagogue):


The first speaker was the mayor at the time. The talks were in Hungarian.

The man with skull cap by the monument, without much hair and who speaks in the synagogue is Ilan Mor, who was Israel's ambassador to Hungary.  He spoke in German - I assume because there are still many German speakers in town. (Ilan was our ambassador to Germany before assignment in Hungary)

Part II:

Man in gray suit and glasses is Andras Heisler, President of Hungary's main Jewish organization MAZSIHISZ.

Man with black suit and beard is Rabbi Pesach Singer (Jerusalem) - originally from Bonyhad.

The man in black is Herman Pasitka who planned the monument.

All the Best,